L.102 Electric Mortor Cleaner

L.102 Electric Motor Cleaner DESCRIPTION: Electric Motor Cleaner L. 102 is particularly formulated for the degreasing and cleaning of oil, dirt, grease, grime and carbonaceous matter for electric motors, switch gears, generators, parking meter mechanisms and all electric apparatus. It is the newest formulation solvent that replaces Carbon Tetrachloride and combining least toxic solvent for safety & fire hazards. Electric Motor Cleaner L. 102 has a flash point of 210 oF, dielectric strength 45,000 Volts and can be applied with motor running BENEFITS: Low toxicity. Non flammable. Non corrosive to metals. Harmless to electric insulation. Easy application and fast drying. No oily residue. Saves time and labor. METHOD OF USE: Electric Motor Cleaner L. 102 is supplied ready for use and may be applied by immersion, brush, swab, aerosol spray, high pressure spray equipment. Always have adequate ventilation when working in confined areas. Avoid prolonged breathing of vapors. In cases of prolonged contact with skin, or momentary contact with eyes, flush the affected areas with skin, or MO, amatory contact with eyes, flush the affected areas with copious amounts of water. Get prompt medical attention for the eyes. ขนาดบรรจุ 16 ออนซ์

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