L.202 Pain Remover

L.202 Paint Remover A powerful clinging gel that quickly blisters lacquers, enamels, shellacs, and acrylics without attacking substrates such as wood, metal, masonry, stone or ceramics. Blistered paint can be scraped off or flushed away with water. -Brush on- Watch blistering occur-Scrape or flush off with water -Thick clinging gel holds on vertical surfaces -Removes paint from porous and non-porous surfaces -Non-corrosive to substrates -Works in minutes with visible action -Contian no acids or alkalies -High power dissolving action REMOVES : -Lacquers -Enamels -Shellacs -Acrylics FOR USE ON : Metal Plaster Concrete Brick Stone Masonry Glass Glass Ceramics Signs Antiques Meters Pumps General refinishing Super graffiti remover Auto and truck body refinishing Wood and metal furniture refinishing CAUTION : Do not keep near heat or open flame. Exposure to heat or prolonged exprosure to sunlight bursting. Do not store above 120 F .Keep away children. Use Glasses and rubber gloves in working.

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