L.208 Contact Cleaner

L.208 Contact Cleaner LIGHT CONTACT CLEANER : Designed for selectively removing oils, greases, dirt from precision electrical parts while not affecting paint, rubber, plastic components, elastomer and metal - Non Conductive. Can be used safety on operating electric equipment, leaving no residue after evaporating Contact cleaner applies constant sources of fresh solvent. DIRECTIONS FOR USE : Contact cleaner apply to clean with spray. Spray surface to be cleaned with a heavy wet spray. Work from top to bottom allowing the liquids to flush away contaminant. Can operates best at room temperatures. CAUTION : Extremely Flammable. Do not store in direct sunlight, or where the temperature is above 50 OC (120 OF). Avoid breathing vapors. Use with adequate ventilation . Prevent contamination of food and surface on which food is stored or prepared. Keep out of reach children. USES : - Video tape - Printed Circuits - Typewriters - Office machine - Switch - Coin Counters & Chutes - Relay - Precision Instrument - Meter - Tester - X-Ray equipment - Timing Devices - Transformer - Microphone - Telephone Switch Gear - Radar Equipment - Computer - Watches - Cameras(movie & 35 mm.) - Cocks

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