L.702 Aluminium Complex Megalite Grease

L.702 Aluminium Complex Megalite Application Ball and roller bearing-cam-slides-gear for appliance, auto-motive, business machines, electric motor and instrument applications. Especially useful where themal and oxidation stability and required. Characteristics Penetration 265-290 Very wide useful temperature range- 50 oF to 600 oF Excellent oxidation stability, no deposits. Prevent rust and corrosion Good load carrying humidity. Protects against humidity Saves maintenance dollars. Typical Properties 702 NIGI 2.5 Coler Red,Blue Dropping Point, oF 600 Thickener Alum Complex Water Wash 1% Evaporation, 210 oF .29% Oil Separation Rate 1.2% Rust & Corrosion Test Pass Timken OK Load 75 Blend Megalite ขนาดบรรจุ 1 ปอนด์, 15 กก. , 180 กก.

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