L.703 Bentone Grease

L.703 Bentone Grease Applications Bentone grease is available for all kinds of uses. For example,in case of being used for a sintered Conveyor , it can be effictively used as a grease for all uses regardless of the bad conditions as dust or so, both in high speed and in low speed. A so-called non-melting grease based on “bentone” for lubrication at very high temperatures. Bentone grease is made of heavy base-oils. Can be used for low speed bearings operating under heavy duty , high temperture conditions. Charateristics Oxydation stable Water proof No droppint point Heat resistant Excellent in heat resistance and cold resistance Excellent protection against skock loads Excellent in dust prevention and rust prevention Long service lift Approximate analysis NLGI grade 2 Worked penetration 220-250 Soap base (thickener) Bentone Droppingpoint, oC - Texture smooth Colour brown,yellow Base oil viscosity, 40 oC , cSt 440 Working temperature (max) 250 oC ขนาดบรรจุ 1 ปอนด์, 15 กก., 180 กก.

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