L.705 Chain Grease

L.705 Chain Grease Chain Grease is the most moderm Chain Grease lubricant even presented to industry. It is gresas type open gear lubricant formulated from Benton base saturated with powdered lead and graphite. The product is forund to be of superior to the conventional asphalt residuum base open gear lubricants. CHARACTERISTICS : NON-MELT : Because this product will not melt, can be use successfully at high temperratures where other open gear lubricants will melt and drip off. SUB-FREEZING POINT : Because it contains a low pour point, high viscosity index base oil; can be used at sub-freezing temperatures where other open gear lubricant will either chip off or channel out. GREATER ADHESIVENESS & STAND HEAVY SHOCK LOADS : This product is compounded with Benton base saturated with a special powdered extreme pressure agent to provide greater adhesives and the ability to withstand heavy shock loads. Under pressure this product will be carry into the gear faces and moving surfaces. All score marks pits, grooves , or other facial imperfections are filled and unifrom low friction coating formed. Shock and noise are reduced. Uneven wear is presented. NOT SUSCEPTTIBLE TO WATER : Also not affected by heat , cold, or extreme pressure. EASY TO APPLY : Because the product is produced in a NLGI grade 1 , it is easily applied by hand or gun. Once a film of this product is established on the gear faces, further applications are reduced considerably compared to the conventional open gear lubricants. APPLICATION : Chain Grease is recommended for use on all type of open gear , exposed or enclosed chain , wire rope and cable. ขนาดบรรจุ 15 กก.

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