L.709 White Food Grade Grease

L.709 White Food Grade Grease (W) White Food Grade Grease is a premium quality lubricant which provides excellent protection from wear. It is authorized by the U.S.D.A. as an H-1 grease. This makes it suitable for use in food processing plants where incidental contact with food is possible White Food Grade Grease is highly water-resistant, minimizing loss of lubricant that sometimes occurs when machines are washed. White Food Grade Grease contains anti-wear additives to protect metal surfaces from wear under conditions of metal-to-metal contact. White Food Grade Grease is adhesive (sticks to metal) and cohesive (sticks to itself). As a result it resists pounding out of bearings and bushings when shock loads are encountered. White Food Grade Grease contains an exclusive bacteriostatic preservative known as Lubristat TM This inhibits bacterial growth. It has been proven effective against Listeria and Salmonella. White Food Grade Grease is produced under the supervision of VAAD HAKASHRUS of Dallas, Inc. doing business as Dallas Kosher and is considered Kosher-pareve for year-round use including during Passover. BENEFITS :  USDA H-1 RATING for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants as well as beverage and other food processing facilities where incidental food contact may occur.  REDUCES WEAR extends bearing and bushing and equipment life.  RESISTS POUND-OUT provides extra protection and reduces consumption.  WATER RESISTANT superior capability to stay in place even during frequent wash downs.  CONTAINS LUBRISTATTM retards the growth of bacteria and fungus.  WIDE TEMPERATURE OPERATING RANGE can be pumped from 0oF (-18oC) to 350oF (175oC) APPLICATIONS : White Food Grade Grease is very versatile and may be used to lubricate bearings, bushings, slides, rollers and cam followers. White Food Grade Grease can also be used as an antirust film and as a release agent for gaskets and seals. It is available in Grades 0, 1, and 2 and can be applied manually or automatically. White Food Grade Grease is able to withstand the effects of steam as well as harsh temperature extremes. NLGI Grades 1 and 2 are packaged in convenient cartridges for manual application. Ҵè 1 ͹, 15 ., 180 .

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