L.710 Translucent Food Machinery Grease

L.710 Transucent Food Machenery Grease (T) Translucent Food Machinery Grease is especially formulated from FDA approved ingredients for the lubrication of machinery used in the food manufacturing and packaging industries. It meets the requirements of the USDA H1 specification and has been developed to ensure the efficient operation of plant processing and packaging food-stuffs where accidental contact of the lubricant with the food may occur. Translucent Food Machinery Grease is manufactured from a highly refined white oil compounded with an nert non-soap base containing the most advanced multi-functional additive which gives EP and antiwear properties and inhibits rust and corrosion USER BENEFITS -Reduced Friction and Wear – Extreme -Water Resistant – Completely resistant to pressure and anti wear additive reduce water and steam , resists emulsification and friction heat and wear to extend equipment washout in applications where water is life. present -Unaffected by acids , alkalies or by -Prevents Rust and Corrosion – Special aqueous solutions of most chemicals rust and corrosion inhibitors provide -Excellent Stability – Able to function for maximum protection long periods. CHARACTERISTICS Appearance Translucent NLGI Grade 2 USDA Rating H1 Thickener Type Calcium Worked Penetration (IP50) 60-80 Dropping Point (IP 132) oC 60 Operating Temperature Range oC -10 to 80 Water Washout (ASTM D1264) @ 38oC 4% Max ขนาดบรรจุ 1 ปอนด์, 15 กก., 180 กก.

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