L.711 Anti Seize Compound

L.711 Anti Seeze Compound LUBRICATES AT HIGH TEMPERATURES AND EXTREME PRESSURES Prevent seizing and gell.ing of meted surfaces. Lubricates mating surfaces, for lower torque tightening and Removeing. Scale against high pressures and temperatures. Protecte against rust and and corrosion. peeds assembly and dissasembly. Stops costly stud breakage. Has low coefficient of friction under heavy loads. Will not harden after heataging. Wont wash offwith fresh orSalt wateruse indoors or out ( because of solvents in product. A Anti-Seeze shold be tested on all unusual or specificApplications.) CAN BE USED ON Cast iron, steel, all alloys including stainless, taitanium, all nonmetallic gasketing materials, alloys, aluminum, copper, blass. LIGHT ANTI-SEEZE KEEPS COSTS COWN TO A MINUM IN CHEMICAL PLANTS AND OIL REFINERIES For pump hoasing flange studs, on cat crackers, stainless steel assemblies, and on all high temperraturer connections, STEEL MILLS Wherever threaded connections are subject to high pressures and high temperatures. AIRCRAFT AND MISSILES For jet engines, piston engines, roekets, rockets, missiles on magnesium, aluminum, etc. POWER PLANTS An laraiue Inlet header stud assemblies, on cylinder head and exhaust manifolds, etc. MARINE SERVICE On boiler handhole and manhole cover plate studs, flange bolts on pumps. Ҵè 1 ͹, 15 .

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