L.713 Lithiun Complex Moly Graphitr Grease

L.713 Lithium Complex Moly Graphite Preminum Mulitipurpose Grease Product Highlight : - Premium and industrial multipurpose grease. - Wide operating temperature range, long service life, extreme pressure. - Suitable for ball-and roller-bearing applications Special Properties : - Excellent high and low temperature performance. Operting temperature; - 40 oC to 265 oC but his may be extended to 275 oC with more frequent lubrication intervals. - Possesses antiwear and extreme pressure properties under high or severe shock loading conditions. - Excellent water washout resistance and rust protection. - Retains consistency under high shear rate, without becoming soft and hard. - May replace may other greases for chassis, bearings, high temperature and general uses, thus simplifying inventory. - Recommended for application by hand packing or grease gun. Applications: - Lubricant for all automotive applications, including trucks, buses, and construction equipments. - Excellent automotive wheel bearing grease that withstands the high temperature generated during severe braking with disc brakes. - Lubricant for chassis and ball joints. - Industrial applications for many types of machinery including bearing, gear, and coupling,etc. Typical Inspections; NLGI Soap Type Lithium Complex/MOLY Color black Penetration,@ 25 oC Worked 60 /strokes,1/10 mm 260 Dropping Point, oC +260 Timken O.K. Load, Kg 25 ขนาดบรรจุ 1 ปอนด์, 15 กก. , 180 กก.

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