L.716 Medallion FM Grease

L.716 Synthetic High Temperature Lube Oil LIGHT 716 : synthetic high temperature fortified lubricant was engineered for high temperature equipment such as oven chains and tenter frame ovens, as well as paint and ceramic curing ovens. Excellent performance can also be expected in applications involving bearing lubrication. Formulated from a quality synthetisized base stock and fortified with a superior additive package provides the follwing performance benefits: Specific Gravity @ 15.6 C .965 Viscosity @ 100 oF, SUS 1650 Viscosity @ 210 oF, SUS 140 Viscosity Index 120 Flash point 275 oC Color ASTM D-1500 3 (clear) Shell 4 Ball Wear Scar, mm. .21 (167 oF, 1200 rpm, 40 KG load) Falex Failure Load Lbs. 4000 Falex Torque at Failure in Lbs. 40 A1/Bronze Falex Torque at 1000 Lbs. Load 13 on steel ขนาดบรรจุ 15 กก.

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