L.721 Multi Purpose Grease

L.721 Multi Purpose Grease Light Multi purpose grease based on calcium .L721 is an NLGI No.3 high Performance lubricating grease used when resistance to water wash out , heavy loading , The formulation of this product provides unsurpassed protection a gainst bearing wear due to loading and outstanding corrosion and water resistance including salt spray It will provide extened protection in problem areas involving wet and dirty environments such as mining , constuction , and off - road applications . CHARACTERISTICS : - Suitablc for bearing - Excellent resistance to water - Low cost - Prevent rust and corrosion - work temperature 80 o c Handling and Storage Store in a dry area away from heat and open flame. See Material Safety Data Sheet for more information Packing Drum 180 kgs. , Plastic Drum 15 kgs. ขนาดบลรรจุ 1 ปอนด์, 500-1000 กรัม, 15 กก., 180 กก.

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