L.701 Aluminium Complex Application Ball and roller bearing-cam-slides-gear for appliance, auto-motive, business machines, electric motor and instrument applications. Especially useful where themal and oxidation stability and required. Characteristics Very wide useful temperature range- 50 oF Excellent oxidation stability, no deposits. Prevent rust and corrosion Good load carrying humidity. Protects against humidity Saves maintenance dollars. Typical Properties 701 Penetration 265-290 NIGI 2 Coler Red,Blue Dropping Point, oF 500 Thickener Alum Complex Water Wash 2% Evaporation, 210 oF 29% Oil Separation Rate 1.2% Rust & Corrosion Test Pass Timken OK Load 75 Blend - ขนาดบรรจุ 1 ปอนด์, 35 ปอนด์ / 400 ปอนด์

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